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Unlock your potential through collaborative problem solving, discussion and programming

Ideal STEP / MAT preparation

Gear up for the extra maths exams used in applications by the top universities, including Oxford and Cambridge

For any maths-based course

Ideal if you're considering Maths, Physics, Engineering or Computer Science at University

8, High Corn Mill, Skipton

Weekly, Tuesday evening, 5.30pm - 7.30pm. And it's free!
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Is Maths-up for you?

      » Are you taking AS or A2 maths and aiming at an A or A*?
      » Are you thinking about applying to study maths, physics, engineering, physical sciences or computer science at university?
      » Would you like to study at one of the top universities?
      » Do you like to think deeply about concepts like infinity?
      » Do you prefer making progress with really challenging problems to getting perfect answers to simple ones?
If you answered yes to all five questions, Maths-up is for you.

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